C&C Alpha Group’s Alpha Utilities focuses primarily on providing cold water and drainage products and services across the GCC space. Its services and efficiency have positioned it as one of the main competitors in providing utilities solutions with a more environment friendly frame of mind.

Alpha Utilities’ mission is to forge a progressive energy landscape for continual development in the UAE. It is powered by its vision of ‘Intelligent Energy, Environmentally friendly Future’, and guided by its morals of being nurturing, teamwork and innovation. C&C Alpha Group’s utilities offering is built on a robust base of morals, which are significant to almost everything it does: dignity, honesty and loyalty in all deals are a tremendously crucial portion of its operations. Delivering superior value and customer support, proven quality in just about all aspects of the enterprise, frequent development in corporate workflow, operations, technologies and services and dedication to local community participation and environmentally friendly command.

C&C Alpha Group and Alpha Utilities try to give the highest quality in each and every operation to make certain that their pioneering water service systems provide cheap, ecological and trustworthy solutions that go beyond their customers' expectations. Whilst accomplishing this, they are also hugely focused on the notion of living a green life and protecting the earth.

It is this essential difficulty that made C&C Alpha Group Limited to develop Alpha Utilities. Headquartered in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates, Alpha Utilities (AU) manages and owns a Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant which generates 0.5 million gallons of water daily with the exclusive privileges to offer desalinated water to the Hamriyah Free Trade Zone Authority. C&C Alpha Group is an international equity finance firm with a proven history of successfully setting up firms in the arena of Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Aviation, Utilities and Agriculture around the world. CCAG aims to establish stakeholder value via healthy growth and strategic collaborations, backing up administration crews with an established track record, and going after opportunities that develop lasting benefits.

Certainly one of C&C Alpha Group’s amenities department’s crucial initiatives is district cooling. Rather than each structure having its own cooling plant, which takes up a great deal of energy, the cold air is supplied by a main building which can be managed using effective techniques and many different assets. Both nature and the residents reap the benefits of this modern effort. Area cooling is safe, comfortable, easy cooling dispersed in a closed circuit with minimal ecological effect and works by cool water being spread out in a network of piping across the area. Water is cooled in an area and then sent through a system of pipes to homes, workplaces, plants, hospitals and other settings requiring cooling. The cold water moved throughout the district cooling network is utilized to cool off the air circulating in the residences' air flow systems. The exact same water is then driven back to the production facility to be cooled down again. The water temperature fed to residences is close to 6 degrees, while the return water is in excess of sixteen degrees. Website URL: http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=46265850